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The company is located in the beautiful scenery of Yangzhou city Jiangdu District, covers an area of about 30 acres, construction area of over 7000 square meters, is a professional production of various kinds of socks manufacturers, now has hosiery equipment 200 sets, nearly a hundred employees, which professional and technical personnel more than 30. Annual output of about five million pairs of socks.
We have been studying, have been producing children's socks, socks, socks, sports socks, gentleman socks, outdoor Ski socks, socks, socks, etc.. Our machines have 96 cylinder sock knitting machine, 108132144, commonly used Terry flat dual-purpose machine, 200 needle flat knitting machine, there is most of our high caliber hosiery machine, 72 pin, 84 pin, pin 108. Has about 148 units, which is our most excels at the strengths, production of coarse needle wool socks.
We continue to in the development, from the style to raw materials to process, we used Coolmax, ammoniacal copper antibacterial fiber, moisture wicking polyester fiber, our wool yarn, from coarse to semi worsted spinning, spinning, were deeply involved, we also used recycled cotton texturized yarn, and so on. We do a pineapple, wide relent, and double socks.
We are constantly improve, resolved themselves doubling, brushed, soft and dry washing, pyrograph, etc., to ensure that the matching process quality requirements.
We love our own industry, we like socks, should be the guests, we have completed the WM, WARP, VF and other verification, we welcome the comrades of the people to the factory to discuss, work together, hand in hand!
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